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Place your hanky upside down on the glass of the frame. Place your backing immediately on top. Use additional backboards if necessary so that you get a tight fit. Secure the backing to the frame with the material provided. Your hanky is now framed and ready for hanging. Framing Vintage Hankies. To help keep the hankies from shifting in the frames, I secured a corner of each hankie to the poster board backing with an inconspicuously placed piece of double sided tape. This is how they look. The finished framed hankies are hung in .

The Best Ways to Display Vintage Hankies Emphasize Design and Shape. Place a bold hankie in the center frame of a cluster Frame or Drape Hankies. Frame hankies individually or as part of a series. Livin’ Large Hankies. One signature hankie in a large frame carries a room. Textural Hankie. With help from 2 blogging friends, I’m showing you 5 clever ways to display vintage hankies. On Ebay a few years ago, I sold about 30+ lovely vintage hankies to a lady, who was a difficult buyer for reasons I can’t remember now.

An array of ideas on how to decorate with vintage ladies handkerchiefs, and lots of do it yourself ideas for different crafting ideas and projects. Time to get out the vintage hankies! Vintage hankies: You can display them framed in clear acrylic clip frames. framed handkerchiefs - could also use cute vintage cloth cocktail napkins! How to Frame Vintage Handkerchiefs DIY This is a simple wall art project for my collection of my late mother-in-law's vintage handkerchiefs. I found this rectangular frame at Ikea and the square ones I .

Sep 30, 2014 · Frame it Up Display a handkerchief's intricate detailing by laying the fabric flat under glass. Hang a collection for a unique, charming twist on a gallery wall. Aug 30, 2015 · Bren, it can be done either way, but it's easier to do with a plain frame that presses the hankie between the glass and the back for the frame so you don't have to carefully stitch it in place. Here's a video that shows it done between glass and backing .