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Comprehensive sex education for kids and teens should be part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Here's what it should include. She also encourages sex-positive parents to make their views. May 30, 2012 · Sex education: what role should parents play? Explaining the facts of life shouldn't be a one-off lecture, but an ongoing conversation David Kesterton.

Browse their comprehensive reading list to find sex education books designed to help parents broach the subject with kids of all ages. There are also a series of videos produced by. Parents of adolescent boys and girls can play an important role in imparting information on sex - related topics especially in the wake of it being sidelined in schools. Most often parents feel 3.4/5(187).

Parents may assume the school system will take care of their child’s sex education, and so choose to say nothing. Parents may postpone talks about sex until they see evidence of the child having a relationship; for example, if their child starts dating or comes home with a love bite on their neck.Page last reviewed: 03 Nov 2015. Hundreds of parents opposed to California’s comprehensive sex education curriculum staged so-called “SeXXX Ed” rallies outside county education department offices across Southern California.

Jul 04, 2018 · WHY PARENTS SHOULD TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT SEX EDUCATION. Complete and more detailed sex education reduces the rates of teen pregnancy. Abstinence-only programs may be putting our kids in danger to a great extent. Jan 19, 2016 · Parents, schools divided as sex ed controversy erupts school board meetings in Omaha as board members contemplate the first update in three decades of the school district's sex education.