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Over several minutes, Liicha's belly swelled slowly to such a size that she looked to be able to fill the tub with everything in her, even with her ability to absorb his cum. He was filling her faster than she could manage and her belly swelled so much that Lynx had to get her out of the tub and let her breasts squirt milk from over the side. “Okay so the story would take place in a milking factory where the “cows” are women. The company that owns the factory hires women and then gives them a pill that basically grows their breasts and ass with no weight gain. These women are then hooked up to milking machines that basically milk them, causing huge amounts of pleasure.

How Long Will a Mama Cat's Breasts Stay Full After Weaning Kittens? by Nicholas DeMarino. Even with the extra weight afforded by milk, a lactating mother cat may not be as large as she was before she had her litter of kittens. if a kitten shouldn't be feeding on his mother any more, the mother will let him know. Still, this could. Her breasts pulsed and grew in spurts, obviously filling with more rich milk, but that wasn’t the only change taking place. The short, thin and mousy girl from before had swelled out into a voluptuous cow of a woman. Her breasts were fat and heavy with milk, topped with thick, chocolate brown nipples that sat proudly atop her soft pudgy Author: The Dark Trianni.

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The only part I did enjoy was how big my breasts got. I've always had a nicely shaped pair, 34C, but during my pregnancy they swelled up into D's, and added an inch. They began to throb, and felt tight and heavy. From my readings, I knew I was staring the process of producing milk, and was filling my tits up. May 28, 2013 · "I thought you might want first dibs," his mate returned, smiling as he switched off the pump. His breasts were once again engorged with milk, hanging heavily, twin globes resting on the larger bulge of his belly. John growled and moved quickly, hoisting Sherlock onto the counter, putting his heavy breasts at mouth level.