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[email protected] 07852 41664211 Longbow House, 20 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4TW Save The Asian Elephants . Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non–profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Asian Elephants.

# STAE is a team of conservationists, lawyers & campaigners dedicated to saving the Asian elephant.Followers: 4.8K. Save The Asian Elephants Yesterday at 2:00 AM · A 22 year old temple elephant has developed severe pain and swelling in her right hind leg after being kept chained for hours on end, day after day, in a shelter that was originally built for her when she was just 3 years old, showing once again the wholly inadequate care given to captive Asian 4.9/5(18).

SAVE ASIAN ELEPHANTS. July 28, 2017. Threats to Wild Elephants. No room to roam: The greatest threat to wild Asian elephants is habitat loss and fragmentation. Throughout the tropics, humans have cleared large areas of forest and have rapidly populated river valleys and plains. Elephants have been pushed into hilly landscapes and less suitable. saveasianelephants.org.

Asian Elephants The greatest threats to Asian elephants are habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation; illegal killing (e.g. for their ivory and other products or in retaliation for human-elephant conflicts); and the loss of genetic viability resulting from small population size and isolation. Save the Elephants is funded almost entirely by private donations. It is only through the generous support of donors that we are able to continue our important elephant conservation work. We rely entirely on funds, grants and donations from around the world, so thank you for helping us to secure a future for these fascinating creatures.