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can eating your own sperm harmful - Eating your own ejaculation: It works wonder*** Serious Post***

When sperm is ingested by swallowing semen, the sperm will be broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream as if consuming water, milk, or gelatin. If it's semen (the liquid that carries the sperm from the penis) that a person is worried about, ingesting one's own semen is safe if that person is free of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Dec 30, 2010 · Is it safe to eat own cum? By Guest | 244 posts, Recently I thought about eating my cum! But is it harmful? Its my own cum after all. And my girlfriend has the same question too. Can she eat her own cum? Is it safe to eat your own sperm? over a year ago. Is it .

Nov 10, 2017 · I can totally understand why you would think it’s nasty that your friend is eating his own sperm, but, there is no medical reason why eating sperm should be harmful, except if there is any chance that your friend actually does have any kind of sexually transmitted disease. Jun 06, 2016 · Valid Reasons Why You Should Consider Eating Your Own Semen. Jun 6, 2016 By Danny Salemme. If you can stomach downing your own yogurt, then you have a fighting chance against depression. According to Scientific American, ingesting semen can actually function as an anti-depressant. Results of a study published in the "Archives of Sexual.

Is it healthy to eat sperm or just gross? Can eating semen make me sick? However, if you are suffering from any sexual infections, avoid swallowing your own semen since it may spread to other parts of the body that may be vulnerable to more harm that your genital organs. So, avoid ingesting semen if you have STDs, especially chlamydia. Eating your own ejaculation: It works wonder*** Serious Post*** factor it is quite good.I recommend everyone eat their own cum.It is a bit salty at. first,yes eating an apple a day,or other fruit,will sweeten it up. raydawg (19483) on sperm possesses the manly nature of the tribal elders, and in order to pass down their authority and.

Oct 07, 2016 · Everyone wonders this, and many other things about semen, so I done my own research and discovered some amazing things, whether you believe them or not. Including semen is a good anti-depressant! Is it healthy to eat semen or just gross? While men. Can I eat my own cum advertisement. Health 24 Yes you can. This is what hap pens to your sperm if you swallow your own semen: your sperm gets broken down and gets absorbed into your.