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Genetic Testing of Adults An individual may decide to pursue genetic testing as an adult for several reasons. While the most common reasons for adults to have genetic testing are to determine their carrier status or disease risk, there are many other benefits. * To aid in diagnosis of a chronic disease. A current medical condition may be [ ]. Testing for genetic diseases in adults before they cause symptoms; The primary NIH organization for research on Genetic Testing is the National Human Genome Research Institute. NIH MedlinePlus Magazine. Diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome: Genetic Testing .

AIM—To determine whether, following predictive genetic testing for familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), children or adults receiving positive results experience clinically significant levels of anxiety or depression, and whether children receiving positive results experience higher levels of anxiety or depression than adults receiving positive results.Cited by: 198. Mar 05, 2013 · Consumer friendly information on the effects of genetic variation. National Society of Genetic Counselors - Find a genetic counselor anywhere in the United States. Ask the Geneticist - Ask a medical geneticist questions about a genetic concept, genetic condition, treatment, research and testing. Answers are posted on the website.