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bender gestalt test adult - The Bender-Gestalt test: quantification and validity for adults, (Book, 1951) [WorldCat.org]

The Bender Gestalt Test, or the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test, is a psychological assessment instrument used to evaluate visual-motor functioning and visual perception skills in both children and adults. In the words of one reviewer, "Whether administered individually or to a group, the Bender-Gestalt is one of the more nonthreatening psychological test procedures and rarely causes any degree of test anxiety in either adults or children." An accurate screener for neuropsychological impairment. The Bender-Gestalt was one of the first measures to accurately and reliably screen for neuropsychological impairment.

Aug 04, 2018 · Five newchapters address issues in neuropsychological screening, eightsteps to interpretation of test results, and use of the BenderGestalt Test with children, adolescents, and older adults. The book serves as a comprehensive manual for the administration,scoring, and interpretation of the Bender Gestalt Test. Get this from a library! The Bender-Gestalt test: quantification and validity for adults,. [Gerald Ross Pascal; Barbara Jane Suttell].